Speciality Prepared with cheese and potatoes following the traditional Friulian recipe. Besides the classical version, other variants with onion, speck ham and aromatic herbs. To be heated in a M.W. oven or in a non-stick pan without oil or butter Speciality >
Casa Venfri Home
Its long-standing experience has allowed Venfri to get in-depth knowledge of the needs of the food market. Casa Venfri is the brand name of a wide range of produce that has its foundations on the culture and expertise gained over decades of...
Gnocchi Quick to cook, whilst preserving the genuine taste of hand-made. An authentic example of Italian taste, in the classical or rustic version, made exclusively with potatoes or with spinach, pumpkin, radicchio or mushroom flavours. Gnocchi >
Confectionery Numerous oven-baked mignon delicacies made with scrumptious classical, whole wheat or filled   short crust or puff pastry. The quality of fresh confectionery for a healthy and substantial breakfast at home.   Classical short-crust confectionery made with simple ingredients such as flour, butter and eggs.  Enriched with thick jam that releases all the taste of fresh fruit or... Confectionery >
Pizzas Soft dough, tasty tomato, stringy mozzarella and other as good as home cooked  natural ingredients Pre-cooked slices in different traditional varieties and ready to warm.  Pizzas >
Cold-Cuts Mature Parma Ham, unique for its sweetness and characteristic tenderness, boned or deboned. Prime Quality Silverside Roast Beef, originating from EC-Approved Slaughterhouses. Sweet, not spicy, with an intense meaty aroma.   Cold-Cuts >
Soups Wholesome and tasty recipes with ingredients that are carefully grown in the most suitable environments respecting seasonality. The range comprises great classics like minestrone and vegetable cream soup, regional specialties including Trentino-style and Tuscan-style soups as well as pasta and bean soup.    Soups >