Parma Ham 26 month with/bone

kg. 10

Parma Ham  26 month with/bone  

Mature Parma Ham, unique for its sweetness and characteristic tenderness, boned or deboned.

Prime Quality Silverside Roast Beef, originating from EC-Approved Slaughterhouses.

Sweet, not spicy, with an intense meaty aroma.  

Making a Parma Ham is a long and painstaking process; all producers of Prosciutto di Parma share one goal: To cure a leg of pork with pure sea salt in order to keep the meat as sweet-tasting and as supple as possible. The hams are made from the rear haunches of the pig; The curing is controlled carefully so that the ham absorbs only enough salt to preserve it. By the end, a trimmed ham will have lost more than a quarter of its weight through moisture loss, helping to concentrate the flavour. The meat becomes tender and the distinctive aroma and flavour of Parma Ham emerge.



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